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About us


We are a local Emerald family starting a small business in the public transport section, providing a modern alternative to catching a ride to and from the places you need to go.

We have a very easy to use app where in couple of clicks, you can be ordering a ride. The app initially takes your contact and payment details.


Once that is out of the way, every time you need a pick-up just open the app, drop the pin and J-LO's will be on the way.

"We look forward to providing a quality transport option within the Central Highlands for years to come!

All document based training provided by J-LO's Rides and our online training is provided by

J-LO's Rides 2020

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Discover more about J-LO's Rides!

Our app is available on most mobile device's! Download now to get started! 


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Our home office is located in Emerald Qld. 

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Insta- @jlosrides